Friday, 11 November 2016

10 Best Ways to Enjoy excursions in Agadir for 2016

Enjoy a day trip to the National Park: Located in the south part of Agadir is Souss Massa national park. The main attraction in the park is Qued Massa river where exotic birds like Northern Bald Ibis come to breed and live. Also visit Crocoparc, the first crocodile park in Morocco. With three hundred crocodiles, small waterfalls, plus tropical, aquatic and botanical gardens, and the roaring cascades along with the singing birds, you will surely have an entertaining day.
excursions in Agadir

Adventure hike in Kasbah: Developed in early 1541, Kasbah is the oldest district of Agadir. It was once a home to thousands of people but an earthquake happened, and it was not leveled. Today it is used for hiking and also represents Arabic architecture.
Have fun in the Vallee des Oiseaux: Situated in the center of the city, the Vallee des Oiseaux is a beautiful park and entry to the park is free. Different birds and animals are enclosed here; flamingos, parrots, deer, and kangaroo.
Beat the heat at Agadir Beach: A stroll around the beach is a good way to enjoy your excursions in Agadir through Anaam Tours. Agadir is well known for its sand-filled beach, the weather and winds are very tranquil. The beach is immaculate and well maintained. You can engage in activities like jet-skiing and surfboard.
Have a day filled with sports: For sports fanatics, there are three golf courses in Agadir; The Royals, The Soleil, and Dunes. The Royal Club, located in the center of the town gets visited by tourists mostly; however, the Dunes is not open to non-residents. The Royal Equestrian Club is for horse riding.
Relax your mind, soul, and body in a Hamman: A Hamman is a place where people with diverse cultures enjoy bathing along with mingling with each other. The most popular Hamman of Agadir is located in Argan Palace where you are treated in a pampered way.
Visit the Historical Museum of Memorie d’Agadir: The museum is equipped with stunning photographs and newspapers that show the history of the city. It is located in a peaceful garden, filled with palm trees and cactus plants. A tour of this museum gives you knowledge about previous Agadir and its uniqueness as compared to other cities in Morocco.
excursions in Agadir

Drinks and cuisines at English Pub: The English Pub is located in the center of Agadir. One can enjoy a variety of drinks and cuisines at this place, as a matter of fact, it is very inexpensive. You can enjoy beers of different origin, mainly English and French cuisine. Try out the Moroccan cuisine, and it is ranked second best in the world.
Shopping at the traditional central market: Soul El Had, a market in Agadir located on the outskirts of the town. Craft products made in Agadir Sahara and Atlas. You can shop for many gift items and souvenirs to take back home to your loved ones.
Go for an excursion from Agadir: Excursions in Morocco are the best, you can go to different places near Agadir. Anaam toursoffer the best trips and tours from Agadir to places like Marrakech, Sahara Desert, and the Atlas Mountains.


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