Friday, 5 August 2016

5 Reasons to Tour Morocco Mountain Trip

Morocco mountain trip offers a rare opportunity to see the beautiful landscape of mountains and amazing natural wonders Morocco is blessed with. It provides the opportunity to see the world from the North African perspective and enjoy the hospitality of the Berbers and ever friendly Moroccans. Morocco hosts the tallest mountain in North Africa and is blessed with the Atlas Mountains that sit majestically across the land.

The opportunity to know the world far away from your country of birth and drink from the ever flowing fountain of nature hidden knowledge is a good reason to tour the vast and beautiful topography of Morocco. Here are five reasons to a tour of Anaam Tours Morocco mountain trip to help you decide.

1.    Beautiful mountains
The adventure lovers will find Morocco Mountains interesting. The mountains offer beautiful sight to behold and are quite engaging to take a journey around and enjoy a good view of the countryside at the mountain peak. A hike through the imposing Atlas mountains which range from Morocco coast towards Algergia parades beautiful parks like Toubkal national park housing the tallest mountain (Jbel Toubkal measuring 4,16 meters or 13,670 feet). Also located within the range is the Berber village Imlil, a fantastic settlement on the foot of the Toubkal Mountain. It is the place where you set off climbing the mountain. The community offers all year round recreational opportunities to give you lasting experience for a tour of Morocco mountain trip.

2.    Friendly locals
You will discover in your Tour of Morocco Mountain Trip the extraordinary Moroccan hospitality. It is in this country that people invite strangers into their homes. Don’t be shy about it; this is who they are, and they will make your visit a homely feeling. I think the reason some tourists repeat their visit to Morocco is due to the friendly nature of the people they are down to earth and genuine in their show of friendship and accommodation to visitors.

3.    Riads hospitality
You will discover in your trip a rare show of good nature and hospitality. There are the Riads; the traditional houses converted for use to serve as accommodation. You will find these beautiful ancient homes very comfortable and unique to stay different from western style hotel. Your tour of Morocco mountain trip would not be complete if you didn’t remain in a Riads and feel the extraordinary comfort and hospitality it offers.

4.    Gorgeous and untouched historical places
Morocco parades a fantastic selection of historical sites. You should make time in your planned tour of Morocco mountain trip to visit some of these relics. Some interesting ones include the Volubilis near Meknes, a first century built Ancient Roman City. Also, there is the El Badi Palace, a Saadi Dynasty opulence sixteenth-century palace destroyed by Moulay Ismail. You have the Telouet Kasbah fortress, the seat of the powerful El Glaoui family and many more relics to add to your take away knowledge of Morocco.

5.    Mouthwatering Moroccan cuisines

Going with the open mind and hospitality of the people is great mouthwatering Moroccan cuisines. You need to make yourself feel at home to enjoy these rare food qualities. Food is an important part of Moroccan culture, and you should not fail to have a taste of them, they are simply delicious! The Berber couscous, tagine, warm homemade bread, very great salad from local farm fresh produce, your tour of Morocco mountain trip is ever awaiting beautiful things of Moroccans including their great food.


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