Monday, 3 October 2016

Best Happiest Moment in Morocco Mountain Trip

Morocco is an adventurer’s dream country with the best mountain peaks. The high-altitude thrills of the Atlas Mountains have been a destination for many adventurous travelers and mountain climbers. Trekking is one of the most common ways to explore the Atlas Mountains for a day or a few nights. For smaller children, they can ride on donkeys or mules, a brilliant way of experiencing the authentic countryside stopping at Berber villages along the way.

Treks for families are available for three or so days; with a guide, cook, mules or donkeys and transfers provided. One should be prepared for long, winding climbs to ridgelines on trails that have been walked for thousands of years. There is a rare view of snow far above and the desert far below. You will pass through cedars and juniper as winds whip off high peaks. After every few hours, you descend to medieval villages surrounded by walnut and olive groves before heading up to trails linking summer goat pastures.
For more than ten thousand years, the Berbers have used the trails over the shoulders of Jebel Toubkal- 4127 meters high and the highest point in North Africa. They gained a reputation as the best guides, helping caravans navigate the North African trade route, moving salt East and gold West. They have made a little difference to their rough lives, making what they can, irrigating pocket fruits and nut trees that give them something to trade. The have remained the subsistence culture, isolated in mud villages.
Every day the scenery changes from snow and rock to sand and palms- the greatest range of ecosystems you can see in the shortest time during your Morocco mountain trip. The heart of the Atlas, a grand circle that passes up to 2700 meters, going deep down in the throat of the valley. A terraced alley of walnuts shows transformation which has improved the Berber’s lives.

The Berbers have opened up their homes as Trek huts, and travelers stop to rest and take a break. Ten thousand years of visitors has taught them how to host. They are very generous and treat their guests well; you cannot help but listen to their exotic stories, sharing their mint tea and apricots while laughing with them. You get to know more of their culture and a lot more about their lives.
The long walks can be hectic in the summer heat. Take care to avoid the midday sun, limit the time you spend inland. Half-terms of February and October, the Easter holidays and Christmas or New year are good times to visit. Activities like kayaking and mountain biking also happen here. Mountain climbing is the best experience of them all, with the reward of being hosted by the Berbers. Your family holidays cannot be any better.

Anaam tours offers new and exciting Morocco mountain trips. We ensure your holiday is a relaxing one, and you return home knowing that you have had an experience of local sites, the Berber culture and people you meet.


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